Welcome To Brazen Razor

Saucy MisoLet’s get the basics out of the way first!  My name is  Thea Vincent- Geurtsen,  I’d like to introduce you to my company, Brazen Razor.

Brazen Razor makes bathroom and bedroom body care products.  The fact that all the floral hippie-like stuff is a given, allows us to make products for specific types of people, with specific uses for specific places on  your body.  I pride myself on the fact that everything is hand-made in my little production facility in Toronto and designed for people who live on the fringe (so to speak).

We have a complex business approach, as varied as the ingredients that go into a Brazen Razor product (all of which are natural, people-tested ONLY and safe!)

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Brazen Razor, is our ability to just tell you like it is.  In fact, being “Brazenly Honest” about our products is one of our core values and drives everything and everything here!

Check out what we mean by visiting our core values page and exploring our business philosophy and approach.

For commercial inquires about carrying Brazen Razor products please see our B2B section of the site.

If you want to just jump right in and cover your body in luxurious, awesome hand-made products, check out our blog roll for the latest and our products section for what we offer!